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5 Day Surf Package.
     Duration: 1.5 hour each day Certificate provided after completing the Course.

3 Day Surf Package. 
     Duration: 1.5 hour each day Certificate provided after completing the course.

Special Surf Package.
     Duration: 1hour Lesson + Boat trip to Jungle Beach.

Private Surf Lesson. 
     Duration: 1.5 hours with a personal surf coach.

1Hour Surf Lesson.
     Duration: 1 hour

Group Lesson.
     5 persons for a group Duration: 1 hour

Note: Discounts are available for some packages. Please contact us
          for the Pricelist.


 How to identify current rips and sweeps so you stay safe while in the water

 How to correctly handle your surfboard both in and out of the ocean

 How to select good waves and paddle to catch up with wave speed

 How to stand up using the easiest technique for your individual level of agility

 How to practice proper surf etiquette when in a line-up to avoid wave crashing

 How to read current surf conditions and wave breaks properly

 How to position your body and feet after standing up for proper balancing

 How to use proper body and board positioning to catch waves at the right time

 How to get through breaking waves with techniques like duck diving and turtling

 How to correctly fall off of a surfboard to avoid serious injury

 How to stand up/pop up faster to drop in on waves at the right time

 How to bottom turn, front side and back side turn and carve

  How to understand different surf boards and find a board that’s right for you

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